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The Famous All-Alaskan Racing Pigs are a team of the fastest and funniest athletes to serve up entertainment anywhere! Flat-track racing and hurdling are their specialties, but a good gag is always on the menu. Sourdough Jack and Soapy Smith have been cooking up fun since their first races in Fairbanks, Alaska. Don’t miss them at a fair or festival near you – You Never Sausage a Show! Read More

Climb On, Sit Down, Grab Hold, and Blast Down the Track! Pedal Pullers action is the best kind – the kids get to be the stars of the show. Custom-built pedal tractors, real weight-pull sleds, kids having REAL FUN! Put your guests right in the middle of the action. Kids love it, moms love it, you’ll love it. Dads be jealous. Read More

Santa Barbara Fair & Expo 2017, Fast and Funnious!

We are “Racing Back to the 50s” in Santa Barbara. April 26-30 are the magic days! There is no better place to kick off the season than beautiful Santa Barbara. The beach, the ocean breeze, The Great Race Fans at the Fair! Pedal Pullers will be there too. Our young friends from Santa Barbara and surrounding areas were chewing up the track in 2016 and they’ll be back better than ever this year. Get those legs in shape. We’re on our way!

Welcome, 2017!

Good news, racing fans, spring training is just weeks away, and the clubhouse is starting to heat up! We are looking forward to another great year with some new athletes, some new announcers, and some new events. Many of your old favorites will still be with us as well. Jack is Back! Yeah, Sourdough Jack is pumped up and ready for another season. Look for plenty of snout to snout action with Soapy Smith. again this year, so get ready for fun!